Monday, December 27, 2010


Re: Together

This image is creepy. Much more creepy than any other of my photos. Well, you can still enjoy its colorite, the misty atmosphere, consider it just a good joke or appreciate the idea of mirror symmetry. However, when I look it longer, I got shievers. And I am afraid, this happened to many of you too. Or at least you felt uneasyness and disturbance. The creepiest things are not the most horrible-looking ones. At first glance the creepiest things look quite normal and ordinary. And then suddenly you realize, that something is basically and inevitably wrong. I am not speaking about possible homosexual allures (who cares nowadays!) but let’s start with the costumes. When people wear similar things, we call it a fashion. They wear these things on their own free will and this imposes no obligations on them. When people wear exactly similar things, we call it uniform(s) and this is something completely different. Uniform warns us immediately, that beside (and above) usual personal human relations we may have with such a person, he/she has obligations to obey rules strange and maybe unknown to us. What do you think are the goals an order is pursuing, whose members are wearing such uniforms? Imagine you start to see such people more and more frequently in your usual environment and there is no explanation to what this could mean. And going deeper – at first glance you may even have an impression that there still are some differences beside the mirror symmetry. A more careful look shows that there is none. OK, this is just an image processing. Try now to imagine, that you see this in reality. Then what?



Friday, December 17, 2010

Noche Buena

A mirror hug

What are they looking with such an excitement? Well ... as far as they are standing in front of a mirror and the image is the reflection ... Eugenie and Taavi are looking at Diana and Diana is looking at herself :) Or this is my guess, at least.

And this makes the Plink-Plonk story for this time. Thanks again, D!

Where are you looking!?

(This is to the right girl on the two top images) You should look at the photographer as the left girl is doing!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Diana and Zhenya

That's it for today, folks.

Barthol Lo Mejor & Blackeye Redlip


Tnx, D!

And, folks, keep in mind that it will take about a week or so to get all the pictures up. And other topics may break in, so come back frequently :) D will have the full set, including those I'm not going to post here (too good:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Väljas on veebruar juba ...

No ega ei ole ikka küll ... jaanuarinigi veel tükk aega. Ja üldse tuleks talveunne minna. Aga kus sa sellega, fotograafiline aktiivsus jälle tõusmas. No mis jama siis nüüd lahti? :) (Just some fuzzy thoughts, no sense to translate them).

Behind the door

The end of the fairy-tail

And they lived there happily ever after.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trees in snow

It seems I'm entering my negative period.


Sandstone cliff

on Ahja River, South Estonia. Over millennia waters have carved marvellous walls and caves into Devonian sandstones and formed sights worth of seeing. In Estonian they are called “taevaskojad”, which could be translated as “heavenly halls” or “halls of heaven”. As to the size, nothing to compare to Colorado or even to Saxonian Switzerland on Elbe, but Estonia is miniature in general. Either hiking or canoeing on river is good way to visit these places and the best idea is to do both. Canoes can be rented on spot on moderate price. And do not forget your camera! :)