Thursday, July 21, 2011


What else. With such a heat.

"... Белый июльский зной, небывалый за последние два столетия, затопил город. Ходили марева над раскаленными крышами, все окна в городе были распахнуты настеж, в жидкой тени изнемогающих деревьев потели и плавились старухи на скамеечках у подьездов."


is much more than just a flower. Btw, in Estonian a very similar word "lootus" means "hope".

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"One day YOUR great great great great grandchildren will sit in this forest and tell THEIR children fantastic tales about a time long ago when men flew miles high in magic tubes of iron, how they spoke into little glowing boxes and were heard many leagues away, how they travelled faster than a frightened horse on chariots driven by essence from the Earth itself. And these childfren will laugh as they play on the long-forgotten ruins of London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York."