Friday, December 18, 2009

Broken II

Hopefully this goes as an explanation of my reduced activity in next few weeks. X-ray may be more impressive but I have not it yet. At least you will have peaceful Christmas and maybe even the New Year:)

PS.: OK, I replaced the image with one of better quality and added a Christmas decoration, much like they had decorated the door of the emergency reception at hospital. Enjoy! :)
PPS.: I made this shameful testimony of personal inabilities smaller. No need to exaggerate them. And with good wishes from some good people they are really getting smaller fast. Tnx!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Poste Restante

It became quite frosty (-11 C = 12 F:) here today. Warm clothes on when coming back!
Tnx: M for ice warning

Banned II

Banned (I)
... almost the same ... still ... a bit different illumination and impression ...

Bulbs and shadows

How green!

A couple

Soomaa & Palupõhja

Misty town IV

Misty town, (I) / Misty town II / Misty town III

Alien spaceship is landing

From The Abduction of a Photographer “… and bright lights. A being came out and started to approach me. Then I ran as fast as I ever could have run. It was a narrow escape. Or was it? My memory is dim and some frames are missing from my camera according to the counter. And there are those dreams: I am walking places I have never been to …” (Imaginary Library)

A big shadow