Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Das Denkmal II

Monument to Karl Ernst von Baer on Dome Hill in Tartu.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Andres Tarand

is quite a well-known person in Estonia. Born in 1940, he graduated the University of Tartu as a geographer specializing in climatology. His PhD was on the climate of coastal areas. Dr Tarand has been quite active in Estonian politics, in 1994-1995 he was the Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia, in 2004-2009 was elected a member of the European Parliament from Estonia. This picture was taken yesterday (January 22, 2011) at a seminar on climate changes in the Kukruse Manor, where he gave a talk on weather forecasting. Other speakers were Dr Erik Puura, Andres Juur and myself. The audience were mainly the local teachers and after the talks there were discussions of relevant problems in smaller groups. Thanks to the Science Center AHHAA and to the people from Kukruse Manor for organizing this event!

The wall IV

Road to Kukruse

Monday, January 17, 2011

The bookshelf

Interior with the Crystal Ball

The pink morning

I got it ...
Jah, see on huvitav ... oled Sa kunagi mõelnud, mis vahe on mingi asja niisama vaatamisel (ehk isegi väga tähelepanelikult) ja selle vaatamisel läbi kaamera akna hetkel kui päästikule vajutad?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A joyful company

The doll

From A Savage in Photography: "I am a savage in photography, you may say. I do not care about your twisted and complicated human relations and the stories you try to tell about them in your images. This is as far from the true meaning and destiny of photography as the inarticulate sounds animals are making are from the human speach. For the photography (and to what it will develop) is the emerging language of future. The language (oral and written) we are using formed us, developed with us and, naturally, was determined by our physiological and (later) technical abilities. The photography (and to what it will develop) will break down the output barrires for the visual images in our mind and will eventually lead to a completely new way of communication. And create a new language. A language of shapes, forms and colors. I am a savage in the photography. But a savage from your future. Can you hear me? No, I must ask, can you see me, if you take the meaning. And, if yes, can you understand me?" (Imaginary Library)